Thermal insulating roof panel with 3 ribs

A panel designed for roofs having a minimum slope of 7%,( the maximum slope is given in the project ).
1. Prepainted galvanised steel plate, in accordance to SR EN 10346 si SR EN 10143. Microprofiles: STANDARD , PLISSE, LIS .
2. The core : Polyurethane foam PUR or PIR (not harmful).
3. The gasket: offers a good thermal insulation and the joints’ tightness.
4. Auto drilling screw with pulley and EPDM seal.
5. Gasket cap.


Sketch dimensions

Sizes and weights - loading tables
Sizes and weights - loading tables
Allwable loadings subject to the distance between the "L" suporting points, as expressed in kg/m².
k- thermal transfer coeficient.
The standard length of the panel is from 2 – 13.5 m. Longer panels (of maximum 15 m length) and shorter than 2 m can be manufactured only by consulting first, the technical departament.
Dimensional limits, in accordance to SR EN 14509 - 2009: